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Wiring harnesses and electrical components

Meeting the needs of the automotive society in safety, comfort, and consideration for the environment

The Sumitomo Electric Group operates its wiring harness business globally to offer various products that meet the needs of the times with superb technologies and quality. The product lineup includes wiring harnesses for transmitting electric power and information in vehicles and products for environmentally friendly HEVs and EVs.

Wiring harnesses and electrical components

1) Automotive wiring harnesses

Wiring harnesses are arranged all over the inside of a vehicle to transmit energy and information. These products, which play important roles, are equivalent to blood vessels and nerves in the human body.

2) Electronics products

Sumitomo Electric develops various electronic parts that meet ever higher levels of functionality and computerization in vehicles.

3) Products for EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs

Sumitomo Electric offers proprietary products for eco-conscious next-generation vehicles as well as products that meet customers’ needs. For example, our under-floor wiring harnesses for HVs are designed to ensure excellent impact resistance and shield electromagnetic noise by protecting electric wires with aluminum pipes.

4) Harness components

A harness consists of electric wires, connectors, terminals, etc. Each component is designed to ensure reliable transmission of energy and information in the severe in-vehicle environment characterized mainly by high temperature, vibration, moisture, and noise.

5) Other wiring harnesses

Wiring harnesses, which are designed to transmit energy and information to necessary components, are also built into various electrical and electronic devices other than vehicles. Sumitomo Electric develops and manufactures products that meet needs by utilizing expertise refined in the automotive business.

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