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Wind Profiler Radar

Wind Profiler Radar

A wind profiler radar is remote sensing equipment that uses radio waves (1.3 GHz band) to detect the wind direction and velocity at various heights above the ground. The lineup consists of products for different observable height, using luneburg lenses as antennas.

Product features

1) Active phased array antenna

High-speed beam scanning achieves quick, stable, and accurate observation.

2) Pulse compression

Pulse compression of up to 16 bits improves S/N by about 12 dB.

3) IF digital

The 14-bit D/A and A/D achieves a wide dynamic range and optimizes the occupied frequency bandwidth (i.e. narrowing the bandwidth).

4) Status monitoring functions

Transmission power, frequency, internal temperature, DC power voltage, and operation of main devices are constantly monitored.

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