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Abrasion-resistant parts/materials

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Teralink?S (sliding grade)

Teralink? is a thermoplastic engineering plastic material that is cross-linked by irradiating electron beams onto molded components. Characterized by low abrasion loss, a low friction coefficient, and high fatigue strength, Teralink?S (sliding grade) ensures a longer service life than commercially available nylon and POM, and helps reduce the face width in design, thereby achieving reduction in space.

Teralink?S (sliding grade)


  • Teralink?S is characterized by low abrasion loss, a low friction coefficient, and high sliding performance.
  • Due to the high fatigue strength, this material achieves a longer service life than commercially available materials.
  • The face width can be reduced by 15%–40% compared with nylon 66.

Main applications

  • Sliding parts including gears, washers, and sliders

FEX? (cross-linked fluoroplastics)

FEX? (cross-linked fluoroplastics) is characterized by significant improvement in abrasion durability and adhesion with base materials, while retaining a low friction coefficient. The fluoroplastics are cross-linked by irradiating electron beams.
Sumitomo Electric has been developing FEX?-coated products (using various base materials) and other application products, which are expected to reduce torque and increase durability, heat resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, mold releasability (ease of cleaning), etc., in various fields including automobiles, OA and industrial equipment, etc.

FEX? (cross-linked fluoroplastics)

Example of abrasion test data

  • Ring-on-disc abrasion test (comparison with conventional sliding resin)
Example of abrasion test data

Ganpla? (parts material)

Ganpla? (parts material)

Ganpla? is an engineered plastic material in which lubricant components are uniformly distributed. Due to the low abrasion coefficient and high wear resistance, Ganpla? is widely used as a sliding material for automotive bearings and sliders, etc.

Four features of Ganpla?

  • Ganpla? has superb friction characteristics in high-load friction. Unlike conventional materials, Ganpla? can be applied to sliding parts.
  • The added lubricant components are independently distributed in proximity to one another. Unlike oil-impregnated sintered metals, internal lubricant is not consumed due to the pumping effect. The lubrication effect lasts over a long period of time. The added lubricant components do not vaporize even at high temperatures, helping retain the heat resistance of the base resin. The surface of molded components is dry, ensuring easy handling.
  • Ganpla? enables molding at almost at the same conditions as those for the base resin by using ordinary molding machines.
  • In the case of injection molding, a small amount of lubricant bleeds to the mold surface in the molding process, helping increase mold releasability and eliminating the need for draft angles.
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