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Superconducting Products

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High-temperature superconducting wire, which can be used at the temperature of liquid nitrogen, will either be bismuth-based or rare earth-based. Sumitomo Electric’s DI-BSCCO™ superconductor is an innovative bismuth-based superconductor that utilizes its advanced technologies such as overpressure sintering. Providing a good balance among its world-leading performance, high quality, and price, this wire has been selected to be used in industrial products and R&D projects. Not only does Sumitomo Electric supply this wire, but it also gives demonstrations and develops products applying superconductor technology with the aim of contributing to the creation of an advanced society.

Product features

Utilizing our original powdered metal and composite superconductor manufacturing technologies, as well as the full-scale practical application of our overpressure sintering process, this wire, which is also known as 1G (1st generation), is currently the only reliable and practical high-temperature superconducting wire available. We are confident that as a partner to any business looking to develop products applying high temperature superconducting wire, we can offer truly significant benefits through the expertise we have gained from our development of state-of-the art products applying this technology and experience using superconducting wire, to the applied technology in superconducting wire that incorporates feedback from this experience.

DI-BSCCO™ (dynamically innovative bismuth-based superconducting wires)


The DI-BSCCO™ Type H is a practical high critical-current superconducting wire, and is the base for Sumitomo Electric bismuth-based superconducting wire. For customers requiring higher tensile strength, we also offer the DI-BSCCO™ Type HT, which includes copper alloy, stainless steel, or nickel alloy lamination depending on the application. Our product portfolio also includes the DI-BSCCO™ Type G, which successfully incorporates the mutually contradictory attributes of high current density and low thermal conductivity, thereby allowing the product to keep heat invasion to an extremely low level, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring large current input at extremely low temperatures.

Product applications

Superconducting power cables (AC?DC)

Superconducting power cables (AC?DC)

Use of superconducting cables as underground cables in urban areas will make it possible to send higher electric power than with conventional cables, with less space required. Superconducting cables are also expected to help conserve energy consumption due to small energy loss in power transmission.

Superconducting magnets and coils

Superconducting magnets and coils

To generate a high magnetic field, it is necessary to apply current at high density. The current density of superconducting wires is higher than that of copper wires by more than two digits. Thus, superconducting wires are essential for magnets.

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