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Water treatment membrane modules and oily wastewater treatment equipment (membrane type)

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PoreflonTM (microfiltration membrane modules)

Poreflon™ (microfiltration membrane modules)

In 2003, Sumitomo Electric commercialized polytetrafluoroethylene resin (PTFE) water treatment membrane modules for microfiltration (MF), and started sales of Poreflon™ Module.

Made from PTFE characterized by superb chemical-, heat-resistance, and durability, Poreflon™ Module is derived from a porous separation membrane that was developed using proprietary processing technologies. Specifically, Poreflon™ Module can be used for various water treatment applications due to its high strength, washability (using various chemicals), easy handling (hydrophilic treatment), high water permeability, etc. Poreflon™ Module is available in two types (immersion and external pressure types), and can be used for different applications.

Small oil separator

Small oil separator

Sumitomo Electric offers membrane type oily wastewater treatment equipment that uses Poreflon™ Module characterized by superb oil separation and alkali-resistant performance. Oil-rich wastewater from manufacturing processes is separated into oil/suspended solids (SS) and filtrate through the microfiltration process.

This equipment can separate oily wastewater without using chemical agents. The untreated water after separation can be highly concentrated, helping manufacturers reduce the environmental impact and cost (e.g. reducing the volume of industrial waste, recovering alkali degreasing cleaning solution).

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