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Plated wires and alloy wires for electronic parts

Electronics/Consumer Electronics

Used as conductors for automotive and electronic parts, these products are manufactured using nickel alloy technologies, metal composite technologies, metal surface treatment technologies.

Our products

  • Alloy wires

    Alloy wires

    Sumitomo Electric develops and manufactures materials for reed switches and electrode materials for discharging negative ions, by applying technologies for nickel alloy wires (designed exclusively for plug materials).

  • Composite wires

    Composite wires

    Sumitomo Electric’s Dumet wires are made from composite materials: iron-nickel alloy wires (whose thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of glass) and copper (characterized by high conductivity). For half a century, these products have been used as lead wires for various electronic parts.

  • Plated wires

    Plated wires

    Sumitomo Electric has various surface treatment technologies. Notably, electroplating technologies (gold, silver, tin, nickel) are applied to copper and brass wires or ribbons depending on the application.

  • Cut wires

    Cut wires

    The smooth wire surface helps minimize the generation of metal powder on guides of wire electrical discharge machines, enabling continuous use for many hours.

  • Metal materials for spark plug electrodes

    Metal materials for spark plug electrodes

    Sumitomo Electric develops nickel alloy wires custom-designed for plug materials to meet the various needs required of gasoline engines.

  • Conductors for electric wires

    Conductors for electric wires

    These conductors are used for covered wires. Copper wires, tin-bearing copper wires, silver-bearing copper alloy wires, are used. The lineup includes bare wires, molten tin-plated wires, electroplated wires (tin, nickel, silver), and other plated wires. Sumitomo Electric offers two types of wires: single wires and stranded wires (bunch strands of single wires). Round wires and tape wires (rolled foil) are also available.

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