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EO/OE Converters

Information and Communication

EO/OE converters are designed to ensure long-haul transmission of video, audio, and control signals via single-mode optical fibers. These EO/OE converters are suitable for long-haul ITV, traffic monitoring, electric power monitoring, river monitoring, CATV, broadcasting, and sewerage monitoring systems.

Product features

【Representative product】<br />SNX100 series
【Representative product】
SNX100 series

HD/SD SDI EO/OE converters

HD/SD SDI EO/OE converters achieve non-compression, low-delay transmission of HDTV video. Two serial data and audio data transmission channels are available to control camera platforms.

【Representative product】<br /> SUMINET™-5501-M
(small module type)
【Representative product】
(small module type)

PFM optical image/sound transmitters

The video and audio optical transmitters work on pulse frequency modulation (PFM).

【Representative product】<br /> SUMINET™-9119
(small module type)
【Representative product】
(small module type)

Optical modems

The RS232C optical transmitters work on pulse code modulation (PCM).

【Representative product】<br />Integrated center device BN8200C series
【Representative product】
Integrated center device BN8200C series

CATV optical transmitters

One sub-chassis (3U in height) accommodates 12 optical units including TX, RX, 2 PSUs, and STM for monitoring. Compared to our conventional product (5N5880C series), the mounting efficiency is 2.5 times higher. Additional optical units are installable by a space saving mini-cell method.

VICS is a registered trademark of the Vehicle Information and Communication System Center.
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