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Laser optics

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Laser optics

Sumitomo Electric offers an extensive lineup of all optical components(lenses, windows, partial reflection mirrors, phase retarders, zero phase shift mirrors, enhanced gold coating mirrors, metallic mirrors, parabolic mirrors, beam splitters, and mixing filters) for CO2 lasers optics, ranging from laser optics inside transmitters to transmission and focusing systems.

  • Lenses
    The focusing lenses are characterized by beautiful sharpness and economy.
  • Mirrors
    The mirrors reliably transmit laser power.
  • Parabolic mirrors
    Parabolic mirrors
    The high-precision parabolic mirrors sharply condense high power laser beams.
  • Beam expanders
    Beam expanders
    The Galileo type beam expanders achieve long distance laser beam transmission.
  • Fθ lenses, Beam shapers and Diffractive beam splitters
    Fθ lenses, Beam shapers and Diffractive beam splitters
    Sumitomo Electric offers various parts that fully unleash the potential of laser processing.
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