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  • Redox Flow Battery
    Redox flow batteries are expected to serve as a technology to stabilize the power grids that will be needed to expand the introduction of renewable energy.
  • Concentrator Photovoltaic System
    This power generation system is suitable for high solar radiation and temperature areas. The module efficiency of this system is approximately double compared with traditional silicon photovoltaic.
  • Energy Management System Architecture (sEMSA™)
    The sEMSA™ is an energy management system with an original architecture to control the use of distributed energy sources and reduce electricity costs.
  • Solar Cell String Monitoring Analytical System (SSMAP™)
    Using Sumitomo Electric’s power line communication technology, this system eliminate the need for installing dedicated communication lines for string data transmission. It is easy to install and low in cost.
  • HVDC Submarine Cables
    Sumitomo Electric has developed DC insulator materials and continues producing long-distance, large-capacity, internationally linking DC submarine cables.
  • HVAC Underground Cables
    Sumitomo Electric has a complete product lineup covering the full voltage range from low voltage to 500 kV extra-high-voltage and work execution enabled by our framework, complete with cable laying and jointing.
  • Overhead Conductors and Wires
    Not only do we meet our customer needs through our technologies providing large capacity and low loss overhead conductors, but we also offer a comprehensive array of products to handle wind and snow weather conditions.
  • Distributed Temperature Sensor
    Sumitomo Electric has independently developed distributed temperature sensors, which offeres temperature abnormality monitoring and dynamic cable rating.
  • Superconducting Products
    Cables and magnets made from bismuth-based superconducting wires, electric wires of zero electric resistance, improve energy efficiency and help create an energy-efficient society.
  • Industrial electric wires & cables
    Sumitomo Electric has developed a wide variety of industrial wires and cables that are essential for social infrastructure, housing and factories.
  • Traveling cable
    Although traveling cables are flexible and bendable, they are also tough enough to resist wear abrasion while maintaining a soft texture.
  • EV Quick-Charger Connector Assembly (SEVD™-Series)
    The SEVD™-Series is a lineup of Sumitomo Electric’s EV quick-charger connector assemblies that are plugged to EVs’ chargers/dischargers.
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