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Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Unit (POWER DEPO™ II)


Product overview

Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Unit (POWER DEPO™ II)

Equipped with a 2.9-kWh lithium-ion battery, the POWER DEPO™ II is a stand-alone storage battery capable of powering information systems and household appliances over a long period of time during a power failure in disasters. The system is able to continue providing a stable power supply from its link with the photovoltaic generator. As the POWER DEPO™ II also has a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) function, it is possible to meet power load demand without interruption in power supply, even during a power failure in an emergency, thus making this a suitable product for use in not only households, but also small offices or stores. It also helps save electricity cost by recharging during nighttime hours when electricity costs are low and supplying power during the day.

Product features

1. An affordable price is achieved by the long life (6,000 cycles) and large capacity (2.9 kWh)

With a life span of more than 6,000 cycles and a 2.9-kWh lithium-ion battery, this storage battery can be used for more than just emergencies, helping to save electricity cost in everyday life.

2. An efficient power supply is achieved by our novel power conversion technology.

Sumitomo Electric independently developed its own power conversion technology that has succeeded in cutting energy loss in half during recharging and improving efficiency by approximately 20%. Recharging during low cost nighttime hours for use during peak demand hours further facilitates electricity cost savings.

3. The UPS function and high powered charger to cooperate with the solar power system.

As this product features an uninterruptible power supply function that instantly switches to the storage battery when a power failure is detected and a function for optimized control of recharged electric power based on the amount of electricity used by electrical goods, power can be effectively used without wasting energy generated from an independent photovoltaic generator.

4. Slim, compact, and portable system

Due to the minimization of generated heat thanks to an independently developed high efficiency conversion circuit, the POWER DEPO™ II features a slim and compact body about the same size as a PC tower. Also, because it has been designed to be portable and quiet, it can be used in various indoor locations, whether a living room or an office.

5. Plug & Play, Easy to set up

No special installation is needed, as the POWER DEPO™ II can be used by simply plugging it into a home outlet. The timer function employed for the utilization of nighttime electric power is also easily set up with the front panel and buttons. The amount of remaining power and status of power usage can be observed at a glance providing peace of mind to the user.

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