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Concentrator Photovoltaic System

Concentrator Photovoltaic System

This power generation system is suitable for high solar radiation (DNI > 6.5) and high temperature areas. The module efficiency of this system is approximately double compared with traditional silicon photovoltaic. With the solar panels installed high above the ground, the system provides usable space below the panels. The CPV system is expected to become the next-generation photovoltaic generator.

Product features

1. High conversion efficiency

The CPV system uses compound semiconductor cells with a high conversion efficiency of 40–50%. This system generates electricity by tracking the sun and using lenses to concentrate direct sunlight into an intensity hundreds of times higher. The conversion efficiency for one module is approximately twice that of a standard silicon solar module.

2. Thin and lightweight

Sumitomo Electric CPV modules are thin and lightweight, which helps reduce the cost of the solar tracker that supports the modules, as well as the freight cost and on-site installation cost, thus contributing to a total cost reduction when the power generating system is constructed.

3. Stable electric power generation throughout the day

The module is mounted on a two-axis tracker that can adjust the solar zenith angle (elevation) and the solar azimuth angle (direction), enabling efficient use of sunlight from morning until evening.

4. Effective in high heat and high solar radiation

As the conversion efficiency of the semiconductor cells has little dependency on temperature, the efficiency does not decline, compared to silicon solar cells. The CPV system is therefore particularly effective for power generation in areas of high temperature and high solar radiation.

5. Advertisement signs

The CPV module can be used to project logos, letters, and messages with no drop in generated power output.

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