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Celmet™ (porous metal)

Industrial Product/Material
Celmet™ (porous metal)

Celmet™ (porous metal)

Celmet™ is a porous metal in which triangular-prism-shaped cells are interconnected to form a three-dimensional structure having continuous pores. The products are available as nickel and nickel-chrome alloy materials. The porosity is significantly higher than that of porous materials derived from sintered metal powder or metal grains. Celmet™ is widely used in various industry fields. Applications include electrodes for Ni-MH batteries and carriers for industrial deodorization catalysts.

Product features

  • The material is selectable: nickel or nickel-chrome alloy.
  • The porosity is up to 98%.
  • Fluids can be treated with low pressure loss because of the low airflow resistance.
  • The specific surface area is large.
  • Excellent workability enables easy blanking, stamping, pipe processing, etc.
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