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Home-Use Lithium-Ion Storage Battery Unit POWER DEPO™ III
Equipped with a Dual-Unit Linkage Function

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December 17, 2019
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
*This press release was originally published in Japanese on November 21, 2019.

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce that a dual-unit linkage function has been added to its POWER DEPO™ III, a compact and high-efficiency lithium-ion storage battery unit. POWER DEPO™ III is compatible with the electric power supply systems of electric power companies and has been released for household use in Japan. The new function makes it possible to use two units of POWER DEPO™ III in combination as one 6.4-kWh (3.2 kWh x 2) storage battery system that can be installed at indoor locations by taking advantage of its compact size.

In recent years, large-scale and long periods of power failures have occurred throughout Japan due to damage to power lines, an important lifeline, caused by typhoons or torrential rain. Accordingly, home-use storage battery systems that can supply enough electric power in an emergency are drawing increasing attention.

In May 2017, Sumitomo Electric launched lithium-ion storage battery unit POWER DEPO™ III (model: PDS-1500S01), which adopted the Company's original power conversion technology and thereby achieved the smallest size and the lightest weight in the industry even though it is equipped with a storage battery power conditioner. And now, the dual-unit linkage function provided to POWER DEPO™ III makes it possible to build a storage battery system with double the storage capacity while maintaining its advantage of compact size suitable for indoor installation.


1. Usable as a storage battery with a capacity of 6.4 kWh

By using two units of 3.2-kWh POWER DEPO™ III in combination, users can use electricity for a continuous period of 18 hours at a constant power consumption of 300 W and a continuous period of 28 hours while appropriately turning on and off home appliances. It is also possible to build a dual unit system in a step-by-step manner, namely, a single-unit system can be upgraded to a dual-unit system by installing the second unit additionally at a later stage in accordance with the status of electric power consumption.

2. Compact size suitable for indoor installation

In general, 6-kWh-class storage battery systems often have limitations in their installation places due to their size. Thanks to its smallest size and lightest weight in the industry, Sumitomo Electric's POWER DEPO™ III can be installed in small spaces, such as narrow spaces at the back of the house or below bay windows as well as vacant indoor spaces. When installing two units, it is not necessary to install them side by side, they may be installed at separate locations to utilize limited spaces, for example, one on an outdoor balcony and the other in an upstairs closet. It is also possible to install them on the second or higher floor to avoid the risk of possible submergence in case of flood caused by typhoons as well as at indoor locations to prevent damage caused by salty wind or snowfall.

Sumitomo Electric is committed to the development and provision of products that promote the widespread utilization of renewable energy.

System configuration

Example of POWER DEPO™ III installation in a narrow outdoor space (1st floor) and on a balcony (2nd floor)

Single-unit system Dual-unit system
Storage battery Storage capacity 3.2kWh 6.4kWh
System output Rated output 1.0kW 2.0kW
Rated voltage AC202V
(Single-phase two-wire system)
(Single-phase two-wire system)
Unit output Rated output 1.5kVA 1.5kVA
Rated voltage AC101V AC101V
Output wiring Single-phase two-wire system Single-phase two-wire system
Auxiliary input Rated output 1.5kVA 1.5kVA
Rated voltage AC101V AC101V
Input wiring Single-phase two-wire system Single-phase two-wire system
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