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Visual Identity

Visual Identity
In 2015, the Sumitomo Electric Group established and introduced a more consistent visual identity in order to better visually represent the features of the Group and impress customers in various situations.

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Basic elements

Sumitomo Electric logo


Brand value

In formulating its visual identity, the Sumitomo Electric Group identified the four brand values below that underpin Sumitomo Electric’s unique qualities.

Long-term, continuous perspective with a view to the future
Serious commitment and integrity
Respect for diversity
Creation of new values with an innovative mind

Global design application

The Sumitomo Electric Group’s corporate design was established to convey the brand values (Visionary, Committed, Diverse, Innovative) and visually represent the Sumitomo Electric Group.

The corporate design is intended to standardize the unique image of Sumitomo Electric around the world and strengthen the brand power of the entire Group. Specifically, lines are extended in four directions, as if stretching copper wires, from the igeta mark that symbolizes the Sumitomo Business Spirit such as banji-nissei (Committed). The corporate design also represents the long-term and continuous perspective, the image of a path that leads to the future (Visionary), as well as new businesses and values that are created based on Sumitomo’s copper mine operations (Innovative). The visual identity (VI), including the format, corporate font, and photo style, is applied in accordance with the global design rules.

  • Grid design applications (examples)

    Grid design application (examples)

  • Paper bags

    Paper bags

* Visual identity: To showcase the brand in a visually standardized manner to all stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees, and local communities by applying visual elements (e.g. illustrations, photos, characters, colors) to various advertisements and printed matter in accordance with the established application rules.

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